Intelligent Planning for retail.

Turn consumer spending patterns into smarter merchandise, assortment, and replenishment plans—aligning product strategy to customers’ needs. Increase profitability and accelerate digital transformation with intelligent retail solutions.

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The key to driving retail performance.

Unify retail planning

Break through the limits of static and siloed planning processes. Deploy a unified model to make data-driven merchandising, assortment, and inventory decisions.

Take a consumer-centric approach

Turn consumer behaviors into strategic insights. Optimize your assortment strategy—aligning product requirements with customers’ needs market-by-market.

Increase efficiency across all channels 

Tackle omnichannel challenges by aligning merchandise financial planning with supply chain. Leverage external demand signals to improve forecasts.

Drive profitability

Optimize merchandising strategies across channels and formats—maximizing profits while maintaining flexibility in an evolving market.

Maximize responsiveness

Plan and identify the most effective distribution of inventory. Maximize availability, revenue, and customer satisfaction. 

Ensure flexibility 

Improve inventory flexibility and achieve perfect control over pre-season and in-season allocations while ensuring profitability and high customer service.

Our teams are now able to focus on the value-adding part of the planning process.

- Product Director, Retail

Retail planning solutions that accelerate profitability and growth.

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Strategic planning

Optimize your retail planning for every scenario. 

Integrate financial and operational planning, fostering collaboration and agility, setting targets, defining direction, and promoting synergy between finance and planning teams.

Size Curve Definition & Creation


Increase consumer experience by aligning all vital departments. 

Enhance efficiency, quality, and accuracy by synchronizing financial, strategic, and planning processes, enabling better stakeholder collaboration, and optimizing product mix across channels, regions, and stores to maximize profits and minimize markdowns.

Demand Planning

Demand planning 

Reduce inventory and stock outs with accurate demand forecasting.

Maximize revenues and margins by shaping demand at product and channel levels through simplified, automated demand planning decisions and improved planning visibility for merchandising, supply chain, and operations.

Supply Chain

Supply chain

Align supply chain plans to merchandising and channel strategy. 

Address demand changes and supply disruptions with advanced demand/supply matching capabilities, analytics, and scenario evaluation, taking corrective actions to resolve bottlenecks, shortages, and disruptions.

Don’t just take our word for it.

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Built for your success.

The Board platform is the beating heart of all our Intelligent Planning solutions. By choosing retail planning with Board, you’ll benefit from:

  • The performance to keep your business ahead of the curve, and the competition.
  • The flexibility to produce fast plans and predict better future outcomes.
  • The extensibility to integrate existing retail systems and processes into one architecture.