Intelligent Planning for end-to-end supply chains.

Take your supply chain from informed guesswork to strategic advantage. Board’s innovative platform delivers visibility into all your resources and assets—so you can confidently balance supply with demand and optimize your business for growth.

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Make your supply chains more agile and resilient.

Fortify your business

Protect your supply chain against disruptions by optimizing scenario analysis and planning.

Improve responsiveness

React quickly to customer needs and market changes with advanced analytics and forecasting.

Optimize profitability

Increase profitability and reduce costs through effective planning and inventory management.

Achieve end-to-end visibility

Improve your likelihood of success with comprehensive visibility across the entire chain.

Employ dynamic portfolio management

Quickly adapt and optimize product mix to maximize profitability with agile portfolio management.

Realize greater planning adaptability

Accelerate planning cycles and improve efficiency by seamlessly adjusting to changes in supply and demand. 

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With a click on a button—and a few calculations and algorithms working in the background—we immediately gain full control of operational data. This is exactly the concept of bridging finance teams with operational business partners. In the past, I had to base choices on gut feeling. Today, thanks to Board, we justify decisions directly on data.

Supply chain solutions for end-to-end visibility.

Customer Demand Plan
Unconstrained Demand

Sales & Operations Planning

Integrate strategy, sales, operations, and finance.

Align key value drivers—including supply chain and finance—to optimize planning processes and increase efficiency. Use Board to strengthen demand forecasting, improve inventory management, reduce costs and lead times, increase agility, and enhance collaboration across teams.

Customer Demand Plan
Adjustments Data Entry

Demand Planning

Forecast customer demand. Boost demand planning capabilities. 

Gain deep insights into customer demand patterns and make more informed decisions with Board's predictive analytics solution. Accurately forecast demand, optimize supply chain operations, collaborate on demand planning, reduce uncertainty, and increase customer satisfaction.

Production Plan
Production Forecast

Rough-Cut Capacity Planning

Identify potential constraints early to balance capacity with demand.

Understand capacity constraints across the supply chain with Board to drive informed decisions about production planning, inventory levels, and resource allocation. Take proactive measures to prevent supply disruptions and improve supply chain operations.

Customer Demand Plan
Utilization Rate - Site Level

Finished Goods Planning

Advance supply planning to meet demand requirements. 

Optimize inventory levels for raw materials and finished goods, production plans, and resource allocation to meet customer demand—while keeping costs under control. Board’s Intelligent Planning approach elevates planning across all supply processes, fulfilling demand targets and capacity requirements.

Don’t just take our word for it.

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Board is placed as a facilitator in the 2023 Supply Chain Planning Value Matrix, recognized for its Intelligent Planning solution.

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Built for success.

The Board platform is the beating heart of all our Intelligent Planning solutions. By choosing financial planning with Board, you’ll benefit from:

  • The flexibility to adapt at the pace of market change.
  • The scalability to incorporate new supply chain routes and partners without delay.
  • The performance of a powerful planning machine that analyzes at scale.